Monkey in the Middle

7:20 AM

First, where do you think we "fit in" in society? 

Is there a simple answer? For many years, we struggled with this because we wanted to fit in with the white people but our skin was too black. And, we wanted to fit in with the black people but we acted too white. (We act too white? What does that mean?!)

In fact, we were made fun of when others said we "acted" white, laughing at us because of the way we spoke and how we looked. We even had people tell us that we should act our race and stop trying to be something that we are not.....

Umm.. Are we missing something? We are of many races so what does that mean?... #MonkeyintheMiddle

Read the full story, Monkey in the Middle, on Mixed Roots Stories as their featured bloggers for this month! We hope readers will be inspired, empowered, and find acceptance with being different. 


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