Interracial Dating- It's Time to Get Real

4:00 AM

Interracial dating is not such a big deal to us as we have been taught by our parents that love has no color. Plus, we enjoy getting comments on the hypothetical cute babies we will have one day!

In previous relationships, we have been in situations when we received the stares and harassment, racial jokes that excluded a partner, and were hit on because people did not think or accept we were an INTERRACIAL COUPLE. Unfortunately, not knowing how to deal with these culture differences and racial pressures from society led to a few break-ups. 

Some stories that we shared with each other when writing this piece were:

  • I remember when I dated a white guy and things started off great! It was just me and him going on dates for the first few weeks. But, when we started to hang out more with our friends, some were supportive while others made negative comments that we were of different races. I observed this made my partner feel uncomfortable. In addition, we had more attention in public places compared to our previous relationships. As a result, he began to act distant and uncomfortable with me when we were out in public. Soon after, he wanted to break up!
  • One time, my boyfriend's family (the family was black) made a few racial jokes and said the N-word. I wanted to be a part of the family inside jokes and so I joined in. I said the N-word as well but, no one laughed... Then, my partner made the remark that I should not say it because I am not black enough.
  • My friends always used to ask my why I never dated white guys and I would respond, “they’re just not into me!” Then, we we'd end up laughing it off like it was nothing. But then one of my white friends told me, “they’re just intimidated by us.” So I always wondered, am I really that intimidating?...... (Read the full story at Mixed Roots Stories!)

Read more about our experiences and solutions at Mixed Roots Stories! We are the guest bloggers for this month and hope readers will be inspired, empowered, and find acceptance with being different. 



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