5 Ways Our Mother Supported her Mixed Race Kids

8:00 AM

Dear Mom,

Although it is always a good laugh remembering the stories you told us when people thought you were our nanny because we looked so different as children, we are lucky to have you as our mother! Now that we are older, we want to say thank you! We will always appreciate the moments and lessons that have helped us find acceptance with ourselves.

You never relaxed our hair!
We remember a few times as children when we asked to relax our hair because we wanted it to be straight. Our goal was to look like the other girls in school who had sleek, straight hair that was pretty. But, we are glad you did not agree and taught us there was no need for that because natural beauty is most important. You helped us learn to love and take care of our curls, which is another unique part of who we are.

You taught us that we are all one race, human.
When faced with adversity in regards to race, you taught us how to we stand up for ourselves! It does not matter who you are, respect and love for all cultures/ethnicities is what brings us all together.

You pushed us to challenge societal stereotypes of gender and race.
You have always been an independent and powerful woman for us to look up to. You didn’t let anyone hold you back from achieving your goals and taught us the same. We remember one of the most important concepts: there are no limits on what we can achieve due our race or gender. Thank you for being our biggest supporter.

You didn’t allow us just to rely on our looks but be smart girls too.
We are not objects or exotic trophies and just because we are shades in the middle of white and black, it does not make us anything more or less than the others. When you received the compliment, “Oh such pretty girls,” you never failed to let people know we are not defined by our looks for we are intelligent too!

You reminded us to be proud of all of our ethnicities.
When we speak of our background, we are to be proud of who we are and of our mixed features. We are happy to share with all that we have ancestors who came over on the Mayflower, a Polish last name, and origins from Africa after an ancestry test! Plus, researching our family history and stories from both sides is fascinating to learn and know that we are our own melting pot of amazing races.

We thank you mom for raising and teaching us how to love every side of who we are. Also, to be leaders so that we can inspire others to find acceptance with themselves and those around them. We thank you for being that role model so that we are motivated to be women who carry themselves with respect in our community.

We love and thank you mom!

Megan, Amanda, and Alexis <3

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