To the Mixed Kid

9:55 PM

This is to the mixed kids, because we're too white to be black and too black to be white. We will never quite "fit in" with a crowd. We were always too this or too that, and just never enough of one thing, one color, one side of us. It's like you have to pick whether you're going to be only one side of you, so which side do you claim?

In today's society, every form you fill out it seems like you have to check a little box that'll declare your race, whether its Asian, American Indian/Alaskan Native, African American, Hispanic/Latino, Hawaiian Native/Pacific Islander, or White...but what about those mixed kids. What about the biracial population. In high school I struggled to pick of which box to check, the "White" or "African American" box. But then I asked myself, why should it matter what box I check. Is it going to change my scores? Will it really matter if I don't even check a box at all and I leave it blank? Why should we have to label ourselves in this so called "free country". We're all human...are we not?

When I got my drivers license, I could only check one box, African American or White. I couldn't do both either to show I was mixed or biracial, not even an other box existed. So someone whispered in my ear and told me "Check the White box, you get more privileges.," I felt a challenge immediately with society, and I checked the African American box.

Related image In 2014, Raven Symone was posted all over social media for her comment "I am not African American, I am an American". Everyone attacked her with what she said and some failed to see that she was simply asking to not be labeled. In a society which seems to always want to label someone, whether we're a number in line, or identified with a number by our drivers license, or an account number, why does it matter so much to check a box on a job or college application, let alone a standardized test. Why check a box that determines your race? What about those mixed kids that don't really get a box? It's almost like society is forcing us and telling us you can only be one side of you. So which side do you pick? 

But why not just skip the box altogether? Or matter of fact just check the box that says "Other" if there's one available. So I want to challenge readers and start a movement, #Other. If you must check a box, check the "Other" box, or if it's not available, don't check a box at all. Does it really matter what I am and will it really affect what I put on this form if I'm white, black, Hispanic, or Hawaiian? This is our way of showing society that labels shouldn't matter, and why do they matter? 


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